Therapy and counseling for individuals, couples and expats

individual therapy

The most common reasons I have found for people wanting to come for therapy and counseling sessions (either long or short term) are for help with:

therapy for  relationship issues and family issues, loss and bereavement

stress, anxiety, anger management therapy

sexuality issues (gay, lesbian and bisexual issues), physical, emotional or sexual abuse

work stress,  self-esteem and confidence issues, self-harming behaviour, depression, addictions

couples therapy

The important thing to remember about couple’s therapy or marriage counselling, is that I remain neutral, and do not judge personal choices or sexual experiences. I help by identifying and assessing behavioural patterns, and help them use non-violent communication as a tool to solve problems.

The many reasons that couples have come to me include:

having relationship conflicts, and wanting help resolving them.

those facing the final stages of their relationship.

those experiencing sexual or intimacy issues.

those wanting to improve their relationship.

expat therapy

Working and studying abroad is a big step, and can be both exciting and challenging.  Faced with meeting new people, adapting to a new culture and improving your language skills, whilst being away from everything that is familiar, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Feelings of anxiety, isolation and homesickness are common, and doubts about wondering if it was the right decision to move abroad creep in. Therapy can provide a comforting shoulder for those experiencing these emotions.

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