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I am a native of Barcelona, but spent over 10 years in San Fransisco. After graduating with an M.A. in Psychology / Psychotherapy in Barcelona, I became a Licensed Psychotherapist.

The earlier years were working in various public and private institutions after which, in 1997, I started my private practise in Barcelona.

I am with the Official College of Psychologists, and a founding member of NEST (the Network of English Speaking Therapists).

psychodynamic therapy:

The psychodynamic approach coupled with Non-violent Communication (NVC) is extended and adapted using analytical techniques to fit your current needs. This translates into a practical treatment that provides changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative relationship, enabling a safe discarding of old fears and blocks that compromise the quality of our experiences, and how we express ourselves. Progress comes from developing greater awareness and mindfulness in our lives. In psychotherapy we identify and practice observing our inner world, which is the filter that we use to view the world surrounding us. Observing, coupled with the intention and willingness to face everything that arises, is what leads to a state of acceptance. It endows us with the capacity to act, resolve situations and enjoy things more fully. The benefits of becoming more aware go beyond getting rid of symptoms and shedding tension. They are also to live more consciously, which is a way of saying that we act foremost with our hearts.

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I am a registerd Psychologist, and founding member of NEST (Network of English Speaking Therapists)

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